Contest Gommersheim, Pfäffikon a Oberpullendorf 2014

Thomas Wäckerlin was placed the second with model Speedfire-2. Congratulations!

Gommersheim 2014


In category F5B flew 37 pilots from Europe. Thomas Wäckerlin flew 48, 49, 48 and 47 legs and was place the second. 


In category F5F was placed second Petr Janků with 38, 39 and 2x 40 Legs and third was Martin Faltičko with 38, 39 and 2x 37 legs. 


Model F5B can fly at high spped. I climbed at 3th. round about 81m/s that meant 292km/h. Peak power was 5,6kW and end power was 3kw. I switched-off the motor at high 320m and model climbed to the high 649m. Motor Phasor RACE 2035/2100 with prop 18x23 was 6 seconds switched. 

Pfäffikon 2014

In category F5B was placed Thomas Wäckerlin the second, with 47, 48 47 and 48 legs. 
In category F5F was second Stefan Damm, third was Manfred Lex, both with model Backfire-2.

Oberpullendorf 2014


In category F5B was placed Thomas Wäckerlin the second, with 46, 51, 49 and 48 legs. Third was Franz Riegler with 47, 44, 46 and 47 leds. Both with Speedfire-2 plane. Franz Riegler fly with the motor Phasor RACE and with ESC MEZONHere you can see, how easy is to fly 49 legs. Pilot is Thomas Wäckerlin 


In category F5F was second Stefan Damm with 3x 40 leds, and third was Petr Janků with 40, 39, 40 and 39 legs. Both with Backfire-2