Description of the model

The Speedfire-2 F5B was designed for the World Championships and sport-pilots in mind. Fuselage is now longer, wing has new airfoil and tail has T-form which offers more stability for this model. Fuselage cross-section was reduced but you can easily fit all equipment from our E-shop. Speedfire-2 F5B has wingspann 1920mm and fuselage length 1285mm

Development of model

Speedfire-2 has complete new aerodynamics. Chosen for its extremely low drag and high lift the wing features a PJ F5B 2013 profile which has been shortened from the SF-1 to reduce weight and increase speed. The fuselage has also been entirely redesigned with a rectangular cross-section for batteries and front round cross-section, allowing perfect propeller folding. Speedfire-2 has better performance in thermic and in turns.

Design and construction of the model

The model is entirely composite. The fuselage is made of carbon-fiber with a glass cavity for internal 2.4GHz antennas. The rectangular cross-section makes for easy launched and greatly increases the longitudinal stability over circular alternatives. Additional weight savings is attained by using high-pressure laminate technology. Rudder is double layer using full 93 g / m² carbon at ± 45 ° bias.

Maximum torsional rigidity and strength are attained in the wing using full 93 g / m² carbon at ± 45 ° bias. Wing spar is made from UMS (high modulus) carbon rovings, making for a very stiff, strong wing. Servo cables are pre-installed. 
Tail is made with the same ± 45° bias carbon as the wing.
Model can be supplied with or without pre-installed servos. Last version is RTF with installed motor, esc, rx battery. Also available are various “show versions” featuring different layups (e.g. double carbon).