Description of the model

The Backfire F5F-2 is a top-performing F5F ship designed with both competition- and sport-pilots in mind. This most recent iteration borrows the successful thermaling qualities from the Backfire F5F-1, but has been optimized for reduced weight, increased speed and F5B power.
With a 2130mm wingspan, the Backfire F5F-2 closes in on the F5B category in speed-mode, but retains the neutral and highly stable flying characteristics of its 2400mm predecessor. The Backfire F5F-2 is available as a one piece wing for competitive flying, or as a three-piece wing for sport flying and easy transport (longest wing panel is only 125cm).

Development of model

Aerodynamics were designed in conjunction with German specialist Dirk Plug. Chosen for its extremely low drag, the wing features a DP F5F 2011 profile which has been shortened from the Backfire F5F-1 to reduce weight and increase speed. The fuselage has also been entirely redesigned with a rectangular cross-section, allowing for perfect propeller folding, minimum drag and ample room for F5F or F5B power solutions.

Design and construction of the model

The model is entirely composite. The fuselage is made of carbon-fiber with a Kevlar cavity for internal 2.4 GH antennas. With the new cross-section, batteries are inserted upright (battery width spans height of fuselage). The rectangular cross-section makes for easy launched and greatly increases the longitudinal stability over circular alternatives. Additional weight savings is attained by using high-pressure laminate technology. 
Included hardware includes rectangular joiners (wing and V-tail), servo tray, installed servo bed and a pre-installed motor mount. 
Maximum torsional rigidity and strength are attained in the wing using full 93 g / m² carbon at ± 45 ° bias. Wing spar is made from UMS (high modulus) carbon rovings, making for a very stiff, strong wing. Servo cables are pre-installed. 
V-Tails are made with the same ± 45° bias carbon as the wing. 
Model can be supplied with or without pre-installed. Also available are various “show versions” featuring different layups (e.g. double carbon).