We produce top composite models with high quality.


Backfire-1 F5imgF

is well-established model in international class  F5F, which offers uncompromising performance. Model excels in speed, provides for outstanding use of thermics and is very easy to control at whole range of speed.



Backfire-2 F5F

is a new model in international class F5F, which offers uncompromising performance. Despite the increased topspeed, model weight was reduced and the performace in thermic remained the same.


imgSpeedfire-1 F5B

based on the success of the Backfire F5F, the Speedfire F5B has just emerged from testing. Providing the necessary speed, strength, and efficiency to compete at the international F5B level, the Speedfire F5B represents designer Petr Janku´s latest advancements. The full-carbon plane offers a specially designed, high-aspect wing from renown engineer, Dirk Pflug.


SF2Speedfire-2 F5B

is a new model in world class F5B. Model has high performance new airfoils, longer fuselage and new T-tail. This model achieves awesome speed and thermal performance, which determines it for competition flying and sport flying.