The Speedfire F5B packages elegance and style without compromising to performance. Thanks to a Dirk Pflug designed airfoil, the Speedfire delivers a broad speed envelope; be it accelerating with latest the 2kw+ F5B power systems or slowly hunting for thermals, the high aspect, 1.975m wing delivers. Standard model was tested with 6,2kW power.


Although designed for competition, the Speedfire is also available in a sport version with a one piece wing, and removable v-tails. For shipping without Europe, pleasemake order with mail


The uniquely swept wing was designed by renown engineer, Dirk Pflug. Based on his experience with F5Bplanes, he modified his DP F5B airfoil at the wing extremities to reduce drag and made slight changes to the overall airfoil to take advantage of the swept trailing edge.


The swept trailing edge is made possible thanks to advancements in CNC milling technology, which has finally allowed us to incorporate unique, three dimensional characteristics to both the wing and fuselage. Two years of testing CNC milled prototypes guarantees that the Backfire delivers exactly as promised.

Construction of the model

The fully molded Backfire is built in a pair of CNC milled, negative molds.


The fuselage is available in carbon with kevlar fabric in the receiver area to allow for 2.4GHz radios.


Speedfire wing have UMS spars and 93g/m2 carbon skins applied on a 45˚ degree bias, providing the greatest possible tensional rigidity (no wing twist)


V-Tails are new full carbon from 93g/m2 carbon plain


The Speedfire is available is lighter or heavier layups upon request to meet your F5B/7 or show-flying needs respectively.