29. 7. 2018

World Championship 2018 Japan Takikawa

WC 2018 in Takikawa won Gerben van Berkum NED, second place Thomas Wäckerlin SUI and third place for Martin Neudorfer Austria. Martin won junior WC. Teams won Austria represented by Martin Neudorfer, Julian Schild a Karl Waser. Second place team Swiss and third place Belgium. Austria team use plane Speedfire-2. Congratulation!

23. 8. 2016

WC 2016 Lugo di Romagna and Lugo Cup

Vice-Wolrd Champion in F5B is Karl Waser (AUT), at 4. place is Franz Riegler (AUT) and Junior-Champion is Martin Neudorfer (AUT), all with Speedfire-2 planes. At the first place is Hannes Starzinger and at 3. place Heiko Greiner. Congratulation to Karl, Franz and Martin.
In Teams was 1. place Austria, 2. Germany and 3. team Italy.

Lugo Cup won Hannes Stanzinger (AUT), second place for Julian Schild and third to Franz Riegler. Both with Speedfire-2 planes. Congratulation 


17. 9. 2015

Bad Brückenau 2015

Gerben van Berkum was place first in Contest Eurotour F5B 2015, at second place is Karl Waser and third is Franz Riegler, both with model Speedfire-2

Thomas Wäckerlin was place first in Contest Eurotour F5F 2015, at second place is Jörg Thorn and third is Pascal Jungmann, all with model Backfire-2. All pictures are below.


15. 7. 2015

Contest Meggenhofen and Woodchurch 2015

Franz Riegler was placed the first with model Speedfire-2 in F5B Meggenhofen, Thomas Wäckerlin was first in F5F with model Backfire-2. The Contest in Woodchurch took place at the same time and Alan Flockhart won there with model Speedfire-2. Karl Waser is the first at the moment in F5B Contest Eurotour.  Congratulations!

11. 6. 2014

Contest Gommersheim, Pfäffikon a Oberpullendorf 2014

Thomas Wäckerlin was placed the second with model Speedfire-2. Congratulations!

7. 11. 2009

Congratulation to Karl Waser

Karl Waser won the competition with the model Speedfire-2. in Maria Buch, Austria.